Top Items to Take to a Jewelry Based Pawn Shop

Top Items to Take to a Jewelry Based Pawn Shop

Thanks to shows such as Pawn Stars, pawn shops are starting to be noticed around the world.  More than ever, we now see pawn shops popping up across the networks. There are many types of merchandise you can sell or pawn in order to get fast cash. Below, we are going to give you a list of items that can pay top dollar at a jewelry based pawn shop …

US Gold and Silver Coins

US Gold and Silver coins are something that many pawnbrokers get excited over, especially if they’re rare. So, if you have some good US gold and silver coins sitting around, go ahead and take them to the local pawn shop to see what they will offer for them. However, we first recommend taking time to research to see what they are worth.

Rolex Watches and Other Top Rated Watches

If you have a top rated watch, like Rolex, then you may be able to get a good amount of money out of it. If you have a watch that is just sitting in your bedroom that you have no interest in wearing, then why not go ahead and take it to a pawn shop where you can get some money from it? Rolex watches, and other top rated watches are a great item to sell at a jewelry based pawn shop. It’s even better if the watches are made of silver or gold and have diamonds, or good gems.


Gold and Silver Jewelry

Of course a jewelry based pawn shop is going to be interested in your gold and silver jewelry. Gold is just something that is always in demand, so pawn shops usually won’t turn away from this offer if it’s a good piece of jewelry. If you have a nice piece of gold or silver jewelry, you should do good at a jewelry based pawn shop.

Diamond Rings

Rings are great, and they’re even better if they have diamonds in them! Diamonds last forever, right? If you have a diamond ring that you no longer want, or one that has a bad memory behind it, then go ahead and take it to the pawn shop.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces are another piece of jewelry that would do well at a jewelry based pawn shop. So, if you have a necklace, or even a set of necklaces that you are no longer interested in wearing and you believe they’re worth something, then go ahead and have the local pawnbroker look over them.


In the end, if you are in need of fast cash at a pawn shop, then you should go to for an idea of what they will take in. Make sure you go with a well trusted source so that you won’t have any problems.