SEO Services Traps and How to Avoid Them

SEO Services Traps and How to Avoid Them

Consider two firms that both pitch their search engine optimization services. The first one costs about thousand dollars per month while the other is just hundreds. Then, temptation will come to mind saying that there’s no harm in trying out the more affordable SEO services. Yes, you can save a significant amount of money, but what if it doesn’t work? Does this mean shifting to the second one?

What makes the cheaper services on SEO to be considered as a trap? It’s its high chance of ineffectiveness. SEO agencies promising to provide a full-serviced SEO for a website in exchange of below $500 a month could be either:


•Misinforming people about their achievements

•Scammers or

•Just offering super deals

Super deals may be the lesser evil among the four but don’t consider it as much as possible unless it is provided by a member of the family or an office buddy.

So what’s the truth here? One thing’s for sure, effective results of SEO services don’t require a magic formula. Furthermore, automating the process doesn’t require any tool. The results of effective SEO may just take for quite a while to happen like a couple of hours to weeks depending on certain factors.

Given that affordable services for SEO may not be legitimate, what are the other reasons that should make you ignore them? Read this article and learn to see those things especially the kind of work they offer.

1.Contract services should be signed on a longer term period.

Businesses must know that it’s not necessary to agree on a 1 year contract for this matter especially if the service will not take about a year to finish. This agreement will just take advantage of the payment like still paying for the remaining months left.

2.It slows down the work over time.

seoIt may be good to see that SEO companies are performing very well on their services for the first 3 months. However, there will come a time when they will slow down their work in small fractions or even worse, may stop all their services together.  Typically, the type of work that they offer binds with long-term contracts. It is their strategy that businesses will only suspect something’s wrong after a couple of months.

3.There are fake rankings.

Certain SEO companies provide high keyword rankings that don’t bring additional business value. They will submit reports stating that a business is ranked #1 for that particular keyword. However, if deeper observations will be done by that business, it will notice that no one is searching for that reported keyword.

4.Some companies don’t provide any search engine optimization services at all.

There are a few cases wherein businesses pay for affordable SEO services without receiving even a single service from those companies at all. A good example is when a company offers web designing as its primary service and SEO is just an additional. Once a business also signs up for that SEO, the company will not do anything about the service at all. SEO experts on their company don’t even exist at all.

These fly-by-night SEO firms don’t just let a business lose money from getting their services, they are also capable of making a business suffer from opportunity losses. Agreeing to tap affordable SEO services in six months without getting something in return is definitely going on a losing effort because that same period could also be used to build effective campaigns for SEO purposes.

Generally, there also expensive SEO companies that do this. However, the only difference is that, affordable SEO firms are more likely to provide non-existing and inefficient services than the expensive ones.

To make sure one’s business will not be ripped off because of these unethical SEO companies, consider these tips in order to avoid them:

1.Check for references. It pays to check an SEO company’s background first. Doing research is the first step to avoid being a victim.

2.Ask for questions. If they can respond accurately and clear with confidence, they are really sure about the services they can offer.

3.Choose from more than one company. Don’t settle for just one or two SEO companies as prospects. This way, a business will be on its way to making the right choices on what’s best to pick.

4.Seek advice from a third party consultant. It may be an SEO expert who is willing to give free advice on what’s the best SEO firm to pick but never let them decide with the process of bidding, which is the responsibility of the business itself.

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