“Death” of SEO in 2016 and Other Possible Online Trends in the Days Ahead

“Death” of SEO in 2016 and Other Possible Online Trends in the Days Ahead


SEO has been a very important part in the lives of those who own websites and online businesses for the past few years.Getting visibility and traffic are things that have always been the focus of these individuals.

In efforts to clean the internet of spammers and those who use BHSEO (black hat search engine optimization), search engines never failed to show how involved they are. The Big G or Google has been one of the most active entities on the internet when it comes to this matter. Its algorithm updates which include the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird are well-known among webmasters or website owners.

The days when keyword stuffing, link farms, cloaking, and other BHSEO tactics work fine are now gone. The sad thing is that even those SEO tactics that are in the ethical category are now slowly losing effectiveness. Many website owners are calling the current years as the era that signals the “death” of SEO. This would really appear to be the case if an individual will look at it on a general perspective.

At the present times, those who are establishing new business websites and those who look forward to keep existing ones should work much harder on SEO. 2016 definitely presents a bigger challenge for people who want to benefit from the use of search engine optimization services and tactics. The online world is still a profitable place to conduct business in. However, those who choose to get involved in it must totally cast away the old tactics and focus on what is new based from fresh standards of the industry.


SEO is not really dead. It has just taken a newer and better form. It means that the internet is now a fair and level ground for competition. Those who wish to excel in gaining better search engine rankings, traffic rates, income generation, and other related things must work really hard. The use of WHSEO (white hat search engine optimization) is the only way to get in good terms with search engines.

With the implementation of Google Hummingbird, one could expect to see web based sites that are more information-oriented and rich in content relevant to actual needs of people. Keyword-based searches could no longer yield useful data since there are cloaked search features. The “incognito” mode of Google on its browser is just an example. If search engines rank blogs and video streaming sites better this year, one should not wonder anymore. It just means that individuals could expect a cleaner and more useful internet these days.
What possible trends can webmasters expect this year?
According to many SEO experts, the following should make be the possible SEO trends for the rest of 2016:

• Content marketing will take a new turn: Search engines are now examining which sites are worth supporting through awarding of high ranks. They do this by making sure that such sites are actual sources of regularly updated and relevant information. The presence of authority sites that support these information sources is supposed to help in reputation building.

• Social media marketing tactics will be more user-directed: It means that the use of ads posted on social media sites are designed to really catch the attention of specific groups of people. Owners of websites and online businesses must take the initiative to use sponsored social media feeds, stories, and ads.

• Google+ presence building will be a major concern for webmasters: There are indicators that search engines are using this as one of the strongest points of giving advantageous SEO rankings. There aren’t clear guidelines as to how search engines use +1’s in determining and awarding ranks though.

The things mentioned are just some of the trends that will most likely make news for this year. While the “death” of SEO is being mentioned by many industry entities, it is clear that it will not happen at this point in time.

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