3 Elements That Your Blog Should Have For Maximum SEO

3 Elements That Your Blog Should Have For Maximum SEO

When you’re looking at blogging, it can take over your entire life. You can become obsessed with content, posting and doing a lot of different elements to gain market share. If you do things correctly, you could gain a lot of traffic, so much that you will flood any projects you have online with relative ease. If you want to gain market share and you want to be the #1 site online for your niche, then you will want to remember to follow a few simple rules. Often times, people forget about these little elements, because they aren’t the biggest influencers of seo. But just because you may not be getting a great deal of optimization from your work, doesn’t mean that you should forget about it. You want all the help you can get when ranking with optimization, and the following elements should be part of your blog.


Author Biography (Complete)

Who’s writing your blog? Whether you’re using a ghost writer or you’re doing all the work yourself, make sure that you fill out this section completely. Do not skip on this, and make sure that you upload an image too. You’ll find that this simple Meta data update will factor into your listings on the web. When people search for information related to your topic, they’ll get a lot of listings, but they will most likely click on one that has your bio and information along side the quick Meta blurb that is posted overall. Gaining the trust of the end user on the web is very difficult and should not be overlooked. It’s easy to avoid this and try another tactic, so make sure that you consider this in chasing the right elements overall.

Outbound Links

One thing that you should consider, is the outbound links that you use and the use of the “no follow” tag. There are times when “no follow” should be in place, especially for affiliate links. However, if you’re citing a source or you’re creating content that uses images or anything else from another website, then link to them without the tag. You want the search engines to follow your links so that they see you’re not a spammer. As a result, make sure that you do not flood your site, and you choose only sites that will give you a bit of leverage. For instance, if you’re going to link to a new post, find the best source that is known, like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. These are heavy hitting websites that are not linked to by spammers most often. You’ll improve your rank and your seo as well.

Images, Videos, Graphics, Bold, Italics, Quotes

The above listing is simply a list of things that you need to have in your blog. A post should not be just a large body of text. If you just put text in line, and you do not break it up with headers, images, and more, then you will not get the most out of your content.If you want content design flow you will absolutely want to engage your audience with as much information as you can, that is not academic. Too often people focus on the repetition of keywords or other elements, but those are just pieces of the bigger picture. You need something bigger, better, and that means diversity.

You could spend a lot of your time working on optimization, and you can spend a lot of money on advertising, but in the end, you want to look at creating market share with the use of several elements. Your blog should have the above, and that’s just the beginning, because as you grow larger, you will need other pieces to come in and help you gain a bigger audience

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