Missing out on giveaways and great posts? Facebook Trick

I’d like to ask you to do something for me… Due to changes with Facebook, they are only allowing my posting and sharing to reach about 10% of ,y followers without paid ads. So here’s how to be sure you get facebook updates from me:
Go to my facebook page http://facebook.com/theflowerhazard , click on the ‘like’ button and be sure you check GET NOTIFICATIONS. You will need to do this even if you have already ‘liked’ the page.

It is important that you click “Get Notifications” in order to get updates. Don’t miss out on great posts and information on giveaways!

I’m hearing from others that this new “notification” option really does work. It’s a way to get ALL of my posts. Please share this so everyone knows the “trick”. Thanks!!


Missing out on giveaways and great posts? Facebook Trick — 4 Comments

  1. please follow me to I’m new and have only a couple people following me I love your blog as well and will keep following you .

  2. Just a heads up, I have done that before with other pages and I still don’t get all posts. The only thing I found that works is to “add to interests”. I get a notification plus a special feed for all my pages that I add to interests. So far I have gotten all posts. Plus I check my likes everyday to make sure facebook hasn’t removed me from my fave pages, which has been done. I bookmark them and if I notice they’re not in my feed then I go to my bookmark and like again. facebook will have to be sneakier than that to keep me from my pages =D

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