Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker Giveaway

Lisa from The Consumer Adviser is hosting a giveaway for a  Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker from Cantinawest.
After experiencing one too many power outages this past year,  I decided to do a little digging into the world of solar cooking.   I’ve discovered that this industry is gaining popularity and for good reason. 

Cantinwest offers a nice selection of various solar cookers as well as a wealth of information in regard to this environmentally friendly way of cooking.  I’ve discovered that delicious and healthier meals can be prepared with ease using solar cookers.   


Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker

The Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker is just the right size.  The solar panels fold for easy storage as well as mobility.   Just about everything and anything can be prepared in the pot that holds four full quarts.  Meal preparation couldn’t be more simple. Just right for those fun outings, day at the beach or camping.   Throw the food in and forget about it.  When your ready you can enjoy mouthwatering dishes. 

A fantastic alternative to the crock pot.  Prepare food while your at work for a convenient scrumptious meal. ”

Where to purchase?

You can find the Hot Pot Solar Cooker as well as a host of other solar cookers at Cantinawest. They’re an ethical Utah based company that offers an unbeatable customer satisfaction guarantee. Having a solar cooker is great in case of a power outage, camping or being prepared for a disaster!

For more details read full review here.

When you purchase the Hot Pot Solar Cooker you are actually supporting an International non-profit imitative which helps those in developing lands as well as helping to end deforestation. 

The lovely folks at Cantinwest have offered to give away the Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker. Retail value $129.95

Use the Giveaway Tools entry form to enter this giveaway.  For your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected.

Giveaway is open to Continental US, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 

Only one mandatory entry, the rest are optional for those that would like to increase their odds.

I received no form of monetary compensation for sharing this giveaway.  The thoughts expressed are my own. If you have any questions please contact

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Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker Giveaway — 27 Comments

  1. Global Marketing Technologies SL9000LED Solar Lantern our power went out one time for 3 days so this would be great to have

  2. I learned that solar cooking preserves more of the natural nutrients of the foods by cooking at slower and lower temperatures

  3. I learned that solar cooking preserves more of the natural nutrients of the foods by cooking at slower and lower temperatures.

  4. And, best of all, it(Solar Cooking) preserves more of the natural nutrients of the foods by cooking at slower and lower temperatures.

  5. Thinking that solar cooking was relatively new, I was surprised to read that Solar Cooking actually has some pretty early recorded beginnings starting with the documented efforts of French-Swiss Physicist Horace de Saussure in 1767.

  6. I had no idea that solar ovens could get hot enough to roast meat. I am marking this page because this is going to be a family camping project for sure!

  7. WOW! I want to have one…. and I can make hotpot under the sun! summer is near I could enjoy some early summer hotpot celebration with my good old friends… this is amazing..

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