How to make a hanging magnetic makeup board

Check out my hanging magnetic makeup board!


I’ve seen this magnetic makeup board project several times on Pinterest, and I’ve been wanting to do it for quite some time. When I worked I wore makeup every day, but being a SAHM mom now, I don’t. On top of that, when I do go to wear makeup I hate digging through my drawers looking for the stuff. So when I got some fun printed Duct tape for Christmas and some magnets in my stocking, I knew the timing was right!

There are many ways to do this project, I just went with the most frugal route for me. A cookie sheet, duct tape, magnets, toilet paper rolls and velcro for hanging!


First I covered the cookie sheet with duct tape, carefully matching the print with each row to keep a uniform look. Then I covered the toilet paper rolls (one cut short for my shorter items) to match. Then I started gluing my magnets to my makeup! Once the glue had set, I was able to hang them! The magnets didn’t work well glued to the duct tape toilet paper rolls so I ended up using double sided sticky tape for them. Worked like a charm!

I then took command strip velcro and attached it to the back of the cookie sheet and hung on my bathroom wall. Now my makeup is easy to see and use, and I think it’s pretty darn cute! What do you think? You can always use another magnetic surface, but I liked the natural border the cookie sheet created. You can also paint your surface or cover with fabric, but I couldn’t resist working with my new duct tape!



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