Deer Hunting recipes needed!

We had a busy weekend! Friday hubby took off from work early and we drove down to his uncle’s ranch. I dropped him off and Jax and I went to spend the weekend with hubby’s mom. Skot (hubby), his dad, brother, and uncle spent the weekend hunting hogs and deer. I spent a lovely few days with my mother-in-law visiting and working on plans for their upcoming home remodel.

Skot got a deer, so did his dad, so when they returned to the house Sunday afternoon we had a lot of meat to process! 5 hours later it was all done and we headed home.

Now we have a freezer full of deer meat! YAY! I love that my husband is able to hunt and fish and that we have a stocked freezer with free food in it. Now I need some recipes to cook all this deer meat! If you have some recipes, please share with me, you can either email them to me at kendra (at) flowerhazard (dot) com or leave a comment below with the recipe or a link to one! My favorite ones will be pinned on Pinterest and shared in an upcoming blog post!


Deer Hunting recipes needed! — 2 Comments

  1. Ok I’ve got a few recipies I can share

    My new fav is mixing ground deer burger w/equal parts ground pork or sausage..fry it up and drain well then add to mac n cheese that you have made using velveeta.

    Mom’s standby is a deer roast in the crockpot..add dry onion soup mix and cover w/a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of cream of celery soup. Cook all day or over will be tender and tastey..serve w/potatoes. *I like to start with the roast being frozen..the water as it thaws will help it cook.

    My husb.fav is to bread and fry in oil then remove from pan..add cream mush soup to the pan drippings to make a gravy and serve w/mashed potatoes

    I pan fry it w/oil (not butter) and seasoned with garlic, black pepper and seasoned salt…add the salt last so it doesn’t add to the toughness of the meat. Worcestershire sauce is good with deer meat.

    I like it in chili. Mix half and half w/ground beef. Brown on med/high heat with garlic, onion, celery and green pepper. When veg is cooked through..add chili seasoning of your choice and stir to mix. Add Hunts crushed tomatoes (don’t skip on the brand here). Cook for half an hour..add drained kidney beans and undrained chili beans. Heat to warm..adjust seasonings.

    Don’t try to use deer meat in spaghetti or hamburger won’t end well.
    If you make deer burgers, always mix it w/ground pork or beef. DONT EVER cook deer without water or oil of some does not have any fat of it’s own and will be dry, tough or burnt.

    I hope this helps a bit!
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