Whirlwind trip to Oregon

I’m originally from Oregon, and my husband has never been to the state before. My parents travel there every summer, so we decided to take our first family vacation and travel around the state and meet up with them for some camping and a University of Oregon Ducks football game!

We started out in Astoria, Oregon. Had a nice hotel overlooking the river and went to see the Astoria Tower. After carrying Jax up all those stairs, my legs were sore for days! Then we went to do what we really needed to do in Astoria, visit all the Goonies sites! The Goonies is my husband’s favorite movie, and one of mine as well!


The sign in front of The Goonies House driveway



The REAL Goonie House where Mikie lived!



The Jail and Jeep that were in The Goonies movie. The Jail is now the Oregon Film Museum with lots of cool Goonies stuff and information about other movies filmed in Oregon!


Remember Data from The Goonies? This was his outfit and bike!


After we got our fill of The Goonies, we started driving south on the coast. There were some overlooks and beaches we wanted to see. The Oregon Coast is beautiful and very different from the Gulf Coast my husband is used to, and we wanted some pics of those famous Goonie rocks!


Haystack Rock which was in the film

We also stopped at the National Historic Park of Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark spent a winter here getting to know the area and work with the local Clatsop Indian tribe who’s home this was. We toured the wonderful interpretive center and then got to check out the Fort!


The Fort Clatsop. This is a re-creation, as the previous Fort burned down several years ago.



Jax enjoying a break on the lawn at Fort Clatsop. He loved playing with the dandelions and pinecones!

This was all day one of our trip! Busy busy! Stay tuned for more of our whirlwind adventure to Oregon!


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