Fall is for planting

At least that’s what everyone tells me.

It can be a bit trickier down here in Central Texas, as sometimes the hot summer weather returns just when you think you’ve hit fall! My garden is currently still producing okra, and a few peppers here and there, but mainly what it’s sporting is WEEDS!

My plan this weekend is to rip up all the weeds, tear out the poor dead or dwindling plants, and start fall planting. What to plant though? I’m going to put in some summer and winter squash, as it had been too hot for the summer squash I put in this spring, it died early on this summer. I’m also going to plant a bunch of greens and pray that the scorching weather doesn’t return.

I’ll probably throw in a bunch of herbs as well, and do a bit more research to see what else would be best planted right now.

Are you doing any fall planting? If so, what are you putting in your garden?


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