The greatest thing a father can do…

Ladies… You may want to show this article to your husbands and partners!

“The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother”

Both men and women play important roles in the development of their children. In general women bring qualities like social skills, creativity and nurture to a child’s life, while a father brings qualities like discipline, focus and adventure.

For a childs development, in the ideal world both parents would be together setting a shining example to their children of how to lead a successful and happy life. They would love one another, support each other and show their child what love is all about through their own example.

Too often though, the reality is very different. For many couples actually staying together is a big issue. There are financial challenges, a career and of course the efforts that need to go into keeping a home and food on the table. Add the pressures of raising children into the mix and often the relationship can find itself at a tipping point.

One remedy for a couple is for them to take time out together on a regular basis.

Many successful couples find an evening each week to have a date night where they find a baby sitter and dress up and either cook dinner in or go out and eat. Other times you may catch a movie or go to a comedy club. It’s a great way to maintain the relationship and put attention on each other and notice the little things that matter.

Date nights put energy back into the relationship.  The feeling from a good date night together can ripple on for several days. The couple will be more tolerant of each other and work together better and what may have been a bigger problem without a date night together will now be a smaller issue and handled better.

When couples fail to top up their relationship entropy creeps in and the pressures of life and raising kids may eventually just become too much for them to stay together.

In a relationship many women just want to be noticed. They want their partner to notice their hair or say something about their new fragrance or complement them and appreciate them for who they are.

A man that sits down to dinner with his family each evening and begins the meal with words of appreciation for his wife sets an example to his children about being grateful to their mother and respecting her. He’ll also bring out the very best in his wife and she will enjoy the fact that she feels noticed and appreciated.

Meanwhile, it’s no different for men. While many times men may like to think they are heroes, appreciation and encouragement from the love of their life can make a huge difference to them too. Again, appreciation, done at the dinner table, in front of the kids will show the children how to respect their father and bring out his best.

This article was written by Neil Fellowes whose mission is to help parents make the most of their time with their children through making ordinary moments special. You can get his special guide on rituals and routines to do with children that breath self-belief in your children and make your home a happy and thriving home at   





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  1. I have heard that quote before, but it is always great to hear it again. I feel like my husband does an excellent job and I just wanted to present our idea of the 15 minute date- just to say that dating does not have to be extravagant, it can be easy and simple. just do it.
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