Naysayers of cloth diapering

To all you naysayers of cloth diapering, I say to you – Stuff it!

Haha, get it? Stuff it? I ‘stuff’ my diapers.



I love cloth diapering. I don’t regret our decision to cloth diaper Jax one bit. It’s saved us a ton of money, and I’m not filling up a landfill with disposables. Plus, they’re darn cute!

Recently, friends of mine have started talking about starting a family. The wife’s been interested in my cloth diapering adventure and has been asking a lot of questions. She seemed pretty excited about it, and spoke to her sister about it. Her sister didn’t give her a very warm reception and was one of the many naysayers of cloth diapering, which kind of made my friend second guess the idea.

To those people I say HA! You’re crazy! Of course they say that about me, but that’s ok. When I was pregnant with Jax everyone at my work was appalled when I told them I was cloth diapering. They said it wouldn’t last more than two weeks. Well, it’s been 7 ½ months and I’m still happily cloth diapering. So there!

Hey, I get it, if you want the convenience of a disposable, go for it. Many working parents can afford disposables, and their daycare provider won’t use cloth. I understand. But I stay at home, so it’s easy for me. Even on the go I cloth diaper. The only time we don’t is if we’re on a trip and we don’t have access to a washing machine easily. Jax’s entire life we’ve purchased only two small packages of diapers. To that I say “Woohoo!”

I honestly think if people really educate themselves on the benefits of cloth diapering, more people would be willing to give it a shot. It’s better for the environment, easier on the pocket book, and personally I think it’s better for baby. Oh, and then there’s the poop factor. I have NEVER had a blow out with my pocket cloth diapers. But we have had a few with disposables. Not having poop smeared on me, is another HUGE benefit!

There are many types of cloth diapers, so you really have to research them and choose what would fit your lifestyle the best. Prices range drastically as well. But remember, it’s a one-time purchase, unlike disposables. If you’re interested in cloth diapering, you can check out some more of my posts here, and also do a search for cloth diapering. You’ll find there are many mamas out there that have taken the leap and share information through their blogs to help those who also want to join the cloth diapering ranks.

As always, if anyone has questions about it, and want to contact me, feel free! I’ll do my best to help you out!


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