Must see movies for kids to watch

Must see movies my son has to see!


There are some movies out there that stand the test of time. There are others that you have to watch as a kid to get. I started thinking about this one day after talking with friends about what our favorite movies were as children. There are a ton of movies out there for kids, and so many are animated. I don’t have a problem with that, but I also want Jax to watch some movies that my husband and I loved as kids, ones that aren’t necessarily cartoons! So here’s my list of movies that I will make sure my son watches!


The Goonies – Um hello! One of the best kid movies of all time!


The Sound of Music

Auntie Mame – my personal favorite movie, even as an adult

The Dark Crystal

The Wizard of Oz

The Princess Bride

The Harry Potter Films

The Indiana Jones Films

The Outsiders – He’s going to have to read the book too!

White Christmas – He’ll watch it every year, because it’s my favorite holiday movie and I always watch it!


What were your favorite movies as a kid? Any that you would add to the list to make sure your child watches?

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