What's on TV this fall?

Now that I’m getting uber big and don’t have much energy, I’ve been looking forward to watching more tv. Hubby and I have never been glued to the tv, but we have several shows we do enjoy keeping up with. Since we have a DVR we can watch our shows any time. We’re usually behind, since we don’t keep to a tv schedule “We must be watching at this time!” but I’m ok with that!

Some of our favorite shows have already started back up, and in a few days some more will be starting! I’m honestly EXCITED for it! I have football, my shows, and a comfy recliner! I CAN get through these last 10 weeks of pregnancy!

So here’s a list of our favorite shows that are currently on. We record a few others, but those are just extra credit. What’s on your tv watching schedule? These are our must see tv list

  • Dexter – New season starts Oct 2nd on Showtime. How can you NOT like a blood spatter analyst serial killing good guy???
  • Homeland – Premiers Oct 2nd on Showtime
  • Bones (will start in November) on Fox
  • Family Guy – New season starts Oct 2nd on Fox. This is the only cartoon I’m interested in watching, hubby get cartoon duty when the lil one gets here!


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